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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Get to know us. What would you like to know about our agents? These are questions we have been asked before by our clients.

How does your security handle confrontation and or physical aggression? Will they apprehend or restrain?

Protection of our clients is the priority. Stopping the problem quickly by restraining the aggressor when necessary is our policy. --no questions asked-- Apprehension is handled by longtime relationships with local law enforcement agencies.

Are your agents Drug-Tested?

Our Agents are drug test on a regular basis and our clients can be assured they are alcohol and drug free.

How much notice is required for a security reservation or detail?

Minimum 24 hours notice is required so that 100% quality can be assured to the client. Research and attention goes into every one of our security requests. Please call or email 24 hours in advance for our rapid response team and we will be there.

Are travel and lodging included in the billing?

Meals, incidentals and expenses are billed in estimation prior to security detail.

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