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Security Companion


We provide security in the form of security escorts. Rather than traditional standby and watch security guards our security will listen, and cater to your needs along the trip.


There are many security opportunities available but only Special Agent Today can truly assure you that you will feel safe with our company guaranteed. Whether you are attending a concert, a dinner, or are traveling and want a companion for security and company we have you covered. Our Agent has more than 20 years experience as a federal officer with expertise internationally and across the country.


When you desire trust, security, and companionship Special Agent Today is ready to provide on demand with as little as 24 hour notice. Having a relationship with local law enforcement across the country we can assure a safe, and enjoyable travel or event. Our goal is to provide you with the same knowledge and feeling of safety and assurance that we are able to provide for you each and every time we take a client.

Special Agent Today

 We want you to get to know our agents as you are traveling with them. They will be your security companions and escorts. Our clients appreciate the many differences with our security agents including their skills are utilized best for their specific situations and needs. Get to know your agent before your event.

Leoncio Benitez

Founder & CEO

Senior Federal Agent for Over 20 years. Specialized in Miami-Dade investigations, security attaches and protection, domestic and abroad surveillance and protecting the United States Border Between 1997 and 2018

Security & Comfort

Clients are #1 Priority

Leoncio has had lengthy and many undercover operations and travels across the world including Guam and Australia and is very experienced. Additionally he is a proud retired Air-Force Sergeant.

You are safe in our company.

When you need a security escort. Planning and getting ready for travel, event, movie, dinner or otherwise, our experience and professional agents are available with 24 hour notice. Call the best.


Be ready with Special Agent Today...

Are you ready for your event?We care about your safety, comfort and health. Call our team now to see about security companion availability for your travel, vacation, or outing today.

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